Alexander Valley Snake Eyes Zinfandel



Alexander Valley Snake Eyes

Murphy-Goode Alexander Valley Snake Eyes Zinfandel

This single-vineyard Snake Eyes Zinfandel originates from the Trusendi Vineyard in Alexander Valley. The “Snake Eyes” designation is awarded to our best Zinfandel vineyard of the vintage, making it a cult favorite of Murphy-Goode fans. The Trusendi Vineyard is one of our original sources of Zin that has always been a staple of the Liar ’s Dice; in fact, grower Mike Mazzoni was one of our founder’s regulars for the daily Liar ’s Dice games in Geyserville. This vintage of Snake Eyes is full of spicy fresh fruit that will keep you coming back for more due to its rich flavors of blackberry jam, black raspberries, and black cherries all structured with soft tannins and finished with a sweet toasty note with subtle notes of chocolate.

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Alexander Valley

Flavor Descriptors:

Blackberry Jam | Black Cherries | Chocolate