Alexander Valley Minnesota Cuvée Chardonnay



Alexander Valley Minnesota Cuvée

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Murphy Goode Alexander Valley Minnestoa Cuvée Chardonnay

A conversation between father and son inspired this passion project for our winemaker. Twenty years ago, Dave Ready Jr. and Sr. were enjoying a glass of wine when Dave Jr. mentioned that there was a new local cooper that was making wine barrels from Minnesota oak. Dave Sr. immediately declared that they should acquire some of those barrels and develop a wine called “Minnesota Cuvée.” Luckily enough, the Minnesota oak barrels integrated beautifully with Murphy-Goode's Estate Alexander Valley Chardonnay. The tropical fruit notes of the Chardonnay pair beautifully with the toasty vanilla and coconut notes from the barrel. This is a wine that we love sharing with friends.

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Alexander Valley

Flavor Descriptors:

Vanilla | Coconut | Tropical Fruit