Etched Wine Glasses on a table with dominos


By Murphy-Goode Winery

How to Make Personalized Wine Glasses

Tackle this simple DIY personalized wine glasses project in less than 30 minutes for a cool and different wine experience.

When it comes to a good project, I know I’m going to like it when (a) it’s simple to do, (b) inexpensive to make and (c) involves wine. It’s the trio of success! If you’re like me you’ve probably eyed up etched wine glasses in the past, but simply can’t pull the trigger because they want too much $$$ for them. I’m happy to report back to you that this DIY project is affordable, quite simple to do and you can personalize them however you want! 



We decided to stick with a classic “CHEERS” and “GOODE WINE” for our wine glass-etching project.

Here are a few tips towards ensuring a smooth process that you’ll want to take note of first:

Tip 1: Apply an even layer of etching cream in one direction across the project to ensure even results. 

Tip 2: Since these are permanent designs, there should be no issues with the glasses ability to go in the dishwasher. 

Tip 3: The etching cream will still keep the glasses food-safe yet susceptible to staining. Keep the etched designed to the outside of the glass to prevent stains. 

Tip 4: Test your glass first as not at glassware is created equal. In a non-visible spot, dab the end of a toothpick in etching cream and let sit 10 minutes & rinse to ensure it worked. 

Tip 5: If using letters, purchase multiple packs of self-adhesive stencils for duplicate letters. 

Tip 6: Do not rinse etching cream in a porcelain or enamel sink as the etching cream could cause damage! Use a stainless steel sink or utility bucket to avoid damage. 



  • dish soap  
  • lint-free cloth  
  • plastic painting tarp  
  • masking tape  
  • rubber gloves  
  • self-adhesive acrylic stencils  
  • small straight-edge paintbrush  
  • etching cream  


Step 1: wash the wine glasses with dish soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.  

Step 2: Cover a work surface in a well-ventilated area with a plastic painting tarp.  

Step 3: Apply adhesive stencil to the wine glass. Remove any air bubbles with your fingers and tape off glass around the stencil to prevent any drips onto the glass.  

Step 4: While wearing rubber gloves and using a small straightedge paintbrush, apply a thick layer of etching cream (you shouldn't be able to see the glass in the area you are applying the cream). Wait 10 minutes.   

Step 5: Rinse glass in warm water (from top down) to remove all etching cream, and then remove stencil and tape. Let the wine glass air dry or use lint-free cloth to pat dry.   

Step 6: Wash stencil with warm water to remove any etching cream residue. Do not remove gloves until stencil is clean. Let dry before reusing.  




I’m really excited to use these customized wine glasses for gatherings with family & friends. I can picture it now — a backyard barbecue, sun is shining, friends are over, we’re sipping on Murphy-Goode North Coast Sauvignon Blanc and playing a few yard games as the day passes by. That’s my definition of a “goode” time!  


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Written by Kristin Mansky of Modish and Main