About The Winemaker


Murphy-Goode winemaker, David Ready, Jr. grew up appreciating wine, tutored by his father, one of the founders of Murphy-Goode. As a teenager playing in local Minneapolis bands, David aspired to be a musician (more specifically, a rock star). This dream drew him to California, where wine captured his interest once and for all.

David worked the crush at Murphy-Goode, where he realized that he had a winemaker’s palate. Working in the cellar also taught him the impact that winemaking techniques have on wine. Looking to broaden his horizons, he joined the harvest in Australia, where he was exposed to new and innovative winemaking methods. Upon his return to Murphy-Goode, he put them to good use as the winery’s Cellarmaster.

By 1997 David was named Assistant Winemaker and in 1998 he set the style for Liar’s Dice and the subsequent Murphy-Goode Zinfandels. In 2001, David became Winemaker. “As Murphy-Goode’s winemaker, I have a fortunate advantage: our winery’s history. I know the taste of the grapes; my direct experience tells me when the vineyard is at optimal ripeness.”

David also continues his quest for rock stardom by playing the drums and writing music. In fact, he likens winemaking to composing lyrics. Finding the words that best fit the tune is like designing a balanced blend or discovering the type of oak barrel that harmonizes with the wine. A barbeque enthusiast, David claims there is no finer food and wine match than Murphy-Goode Cabernet Sauvignon with a grilled beef filet topped with crumbled blue cheese (unless, of course, it is oysters with The Fumé).

“You need to let the wine show what it has in its soul.”

-David Ready. Jr