A Really Goode Cause Frequently Asked Questions

A Really Goode Cause - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Murphy-Goode launching this campaign now? We had so much fun helping four people find their dream jobs with A Really Goode Job campaign, we wanted to expand our reach and help entire communities by launching A Really Goode Cause!
  • Who should Apply? Anyone within the U.S., and passionate about a cause! To keep things fair, we are not accepting submissions from businesses affiliated with or selling Murphy-Goode.
  • How many winners will be selected? Murphy-Goode will be selecting 3 winners.    
  • What does each winner get? The winner will get $25K donated to the charity pitched within their video and the winner will receive $10K for themselves, equivalent to a $35K prize. In total, Murphy-Goode will be donating $75K to 3 non-profits and $30K to 3 winners.  
  • How can consumers submit? Upload your video on our website. If you have any issues with uploading, please reach out: to socialadmin@murphygoode.com  
  • What are the submission dates? April 3, 2023 - June 30, 2023. Any entries after June 30, 2023 will not be accepted.  
  • Who cannot submit? We cannot accept International entries. We cannot accept entries from someone who works for a business that is affiliated with or sells Murphy-Goode products.  
  • What information should I include in my video? Tell us why you're passionate about the non-profit you're nominating. What's their mission and how have they benefited your community? How are you involved? Most importantly, we want to see you have fun in the video. You're doing something good! It's exciting! 
  • How will videos be judged? Videos will be judged by an internal Murphy-Goode Team. Videos are scored against the following criteria:  
  • Tell us about your non-profit (25 Points) 
  • Tell us why you’re passionate about their work (25 Points) 
  • Tell us how you are involved with this non-profit (25 points) 
  • Creativity (25 Points)  
  • What if I don’t have video production expertise? No worries! We are not judging based on the production quality!  
  • When will the winners be announced? Following the 6/30/2023 submission close, the Murphy-Goode team will spend a couple of months carefully reviewing each video. We’re estimating that winners will be announced in September 2023.  
  • What happens after the winners are announced? The Murphy-Goode Team and the winner will select a mutually agreeable date for the Murphy-Goode Team to visit the winner’s hometown to deliver the prize, volunteer with the non-profit, and host a happy hour.  

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