Person putting a label on a wine glass


By Murphy-Goode Winery

Wine Glass Tags DIY

There are a lot of wine indentitfiers in the marketplace, but most are pricey or frilly. That's why we've enlisted ManMade to create an easy wine glass tag DIY you can implament without any fuss.

From “How To Host An All-Out Barbecue Party” by our friends at ManMadeDIY

I love eating and hanging out outside because of the movement that happens when you interact in an open space. Folks get up often, get refills, grab a snack, check out what’s going on at the grill, etc. Which is great for atmosphere, but it means people often lose their spot, their plate, and set down their drinks all over the place.

Anyone who’s ever shared a bottle of wine has done the “which glass is mine?” dance with a stranger; it just comes along with territory. And they make things to help sort that out: they’re called wine charms, and they’re little wire and bead things that attach to the stem of the glass and they’re horrible and ugly and something no man should use at his party.

But, you know what else attaches to wine glasses? Tape. Particularly, masking tape that you can write on. You already have some in your desk or some blue painters tape from your toolbox. Just place a roll and big black marker next to the wine glasses, and folks will get the idea. Attach it to the stem of the glass to avoid losing tackiness with condensation from chilled white wine. You could even set a few up ahead of time. No jewelry necessary. 

Oh, and this also helps having to avoid asking that person you just met what their name is again. Just glance at their wine glass. Done.