Dave Ready throwing a football in the air in a vineyard
By Murphy-Goode Winery

Two-Hand Touch Vineyard Ball

Autumn will be arriving before we know it and with it will bring football season. When half-time commences take a break from spectating on the couch and get outside for your own game. Let that crisp fall air into your lungs and get ready for a friendly game of two-hand touch vineyard ball with your buddies. Anyone can play and no vineyard is necessary. Just bring a winning attitude, your best buds, and one pigskin.

Official Rules

  1. Give your teams awesome names, like Cab Crushers or The Merlot Rangers.
  2. Flip a coin to decide who's on offense.
  3. No tackling, or you're automatically elected to clean dishes.
  4. Once the ball is hiked, don't cross the line of scrimmage until the quarterback does.
  5. You get one rush every four downs (in other words, air it out).
  6. You'll need at least one referee.
  7. The referee can throw people out of the game for unsportsmanlike conduct (though truthfully, we've never met a foul we didn't like).
  8. No field goal kicks. Just two point conversions.
  9. Choosing captains is simple. Whoever brings the ball, and whoever brings the wine.

Have fun out there!