Mason Jars of limeade


By Murphy-Goode Winery

Non-Alcoholic Party Beverages

We believe wine should be a staple at any BBQ or party. But, drink options should not stop there. It is important to offer some tasty non-alcoholic party beverages as well. This will help keep your party both fun and safe. We asked our friends from ManMadeDIY to come up with some delcious beverage options and they did just that! 

Serve Plenty of Water and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Of course, one does not party on wine alone. Or shouldn’t. And as the host, if you’re serving alcohol, it’s also your job to make sure your guests are drinking enough water, especially when you’re outside. Wine is designed to enhance that amazingly smokey pulled pork sandwich, not to be gulped to wash it down.

So, do three things:

  1. make a super appealing non-alcoholic drink
  2. put out lots of water, and
  3. make sure your guests are drinking #1 and #2

Non-Alcoholic Limeade

If it’s summer, a lemonade or limeade works perfectly. It’s a classic for a reason. For our party, we created a tasty fizzy basil limeade that cut through the bold flavors of the food perfectly.

To get people to drink water: make it cold, and put stuff in it.

I know it might seem a little fussy - more like a baby shower than a man’s all-out backyard barbecue - but the infusions inspire people to drink it and make it feel festive. They’ll want to know how all those things floating in the water have changed its flavor. And if someone seems to have had a little more than their fill of wine, you can give them the infused-water as an offering without embarrassing them.

Put in anything fresh and summer-y. Cucumbers might give off a day-spa vibe, but they taste darn good. Lemons, limes, and oranges look great, strawberries are seasonal, but we think herbs are easiest. Mint, verbena, thyme, basil, cilantro all work well for warm weather. Just be sure to wash everything first, especially citrus rinds, and use lots and lots of ice.

From “How To Host An All-Out Barbecue Party” by our friends at ManMadeDIY: