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By Murphy-Goode Winery

Inviting Guests to your All-Out Backyard Barbecue (Or Any) Party

from our friends at ManMadeDIY:

You know what I hate? Facebook invites. E-vites. Meeting requests. Nothing makes a party sound like an interminable staff meeting like an appointment with a 30-minute reminder on your Google Calendar. Stop it.

The ManMade recommendation? Don’t do it. Digital invites are confusing, often require special account creation, and usually make the guest list and RSVPs public. Facebook events are designed for your college roommate’s DJ nights, not for actually reaching out to your friends. I have seriously never attended a real-life event I got invited to by Facebook alone, and I doubt you have either.

Do you need custom letter-printed paper invitations with a handwritten note? Naaaarp.

Just call them. Don’t email. Don’t text. Don’t use some third party thing. Just call your friends on the telephone, and speak directly to the folks you wanna hang out with. If you’re nervous about it, just read this script:

“Hey, I’m hosting a barbecue at my house in a few weeks and I wanted to see if you’re free that evening cause I’d really love for you to be there.”

Tell them the date, and then, after you discuss, let them know that you’ll follow up by text or email so they have the details, your address, and the start time for reference later. 

Let Your Guests Bring Stuff If They Ask 

Don’t be a hero and do everything yourself, but don’t compromise the vibe you’re going for, either. If someone asks if they can bring something, say yes. And use the opportunity to allow your friends to help provide the things you don’t own enough of. Don’t have 20 chairs? Tell your friends to bring one for each person that arrives in their group. Most of us don’t have enough wine glasses to host a large group, so tell your guests to bring one for themselves, or a set of four, and you’ll wash them and give it back to them before they leave. And if someone texts you on the way and says, “hey - can I pick anything up on my way over?” the answer is always: Yes. Grab a bag of ice.

Chris - ManMadeDIY