String lights strung up in background
By Murphy-Goode Winery

Backyard Party Lights

Backyard party lights don't have to be tricky, our friends at ManMadeDIY created these simple, yet effective lighting tips to help set your party’s mood!

To make your yard a festive place where people will want to hang out, bust out the string lights. You can use the ones you already have and put on your Christmas tree, or get the more outdoors-y globe lights or cafe lights. You can definitely find these online, but check discount stores, party supply shops, and garden centers, which have these for sale year round, not just in May and June. 

Backyard Party Lights - Tips and Tricks


The trick, of course, is hanging them. You need them to be high enough so that folks can walk around freely and not clothesline themselves, but also low enough so that they light the space. The layout depends on your yard and its features, you’ll want to use your roof, any trees as you can,  but here’s an easy DIY technique to extend them further:

Hanging Outdoor Lights 

  • Get some ½" metal conduit pipes in the electrical aisle at the home improvement store. These come standard 10’ in length, which is perfect for this project.
  • Attach some medium-duty S-hooks to the top with wire, creating a spot to anchor the lights.
  • Place the pipes against any sturdy features you have: fences, decks, lawn furniture, trees, etc. If you can push them two feet into the ground, you’ll have more support, and a solid 8’ of clearance. Attach them to existing structures with zip ties, or for a more permanent solution, ½ pipe straps or hangers.
  • Use as many as you can to define the hangout space, but don’t worry if you only have enough anchors for a few sets. Two or three strands really helps establish the party tone. When connecting multiple strands, loop the male and female plug ends around each other so the hanging tension won’t pull them apart (top left).

How to hang backyard party lights for your next gathering.