Reserve Fumé

Sauvignon Blanc

Alexander Valley 2013


This Reserve Fumé, Sauvignon Blanc was handcrafted with you and your taste buds in mind. The crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc boasts clean flavors of orange blossom and tangerine. What makes this new wine different than the California Fumé is it is sourced from Alexander Valley and is aged entirely in French oak barrels. The California Fumé you know and love is aged mostly in stainless steel tanks. The French oak influence lend rich and creamy flavors that are balanced by the crispness of the white peach and citrus notes. This is a great oyster wine as most Sauvignon Blancs are, but you can also pair this was some delicious crab cakes.

Wine Facts

Alexander Valley
100% Sauvignon Blanc
750 ml

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Winemaker's Notes

"This is a style of Sauvignon Blanc that we have had a long history of producing here at Murphy-Goode. It all started almost 30 years ago when co-founder Dave Ready, Sr. asked what new French Oak barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc would taste like. Reluctantly we explored the idea and after much trial and tribulation found that if we paired the right grapes into the right mix of new and used barrels we could produce a really complex and exciting wine. After a brief hiatus, we are excited to share with you the return of our all new Reserve Fumé, which might be our most aromatic Reserve Fumé to date. The aromatic notes of orange blossom and tangerine from the Sauvignon Musque clone are in your face and get you excited for what's to come. The body is rich and creamy from the barrel fermentation, but crisp on the edges due to the great fruit with notes of citrus and white peach. The finish is long and enjoyable with a touch of vanilla and sweet tropical fruits. This wine is not only great for a nice hot day, but also just as enjoyable as the sun starts to fade for the evening."

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