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Outdoor Movie Night - Projector Screen DIY

Hosting friends over for a party or BBQ? Offer some awesome entertainment by including an outdoor movie night in your plans.

Outdoor Movie Night - Projector Screen DIY

The point of a cookout is to gather, visit and meet new people, and, of course, eat and drink. But it’s always nice to have a general focal point or conversation starter to keep things moving throughout the night, and give folks a way to interact once the trips to the food table have slowed down.

Wine Glass Tags DIY

There are a lot of wine indentitfiers in the marketplace, but most are pricey or frilly. That's why we've enlisted ManMade to create an easy wine glass tag DIY you can implament without any fuss.

Wine Glass Tags: DIY

From “How To Host An All-Out Barbecue Party” by our friends at ManMadeDIY

Awesome Lighting Ideas for your BBQ

We have some awesome lighting ideas for your next BBQ or party. Proper lighting is of the upmost importance when setting the right tone for your gathering.

Awesome Lighting Ideas for your BBQ

You don’t need a “theme” to your party. You already have one: you’re cooking outside. But, our vote is more the “campfire in the woods” kind of outdoor cooking than the “Father’s Day card with checkered table cloth and yellow and red squeeze bottles” sort of thing.

Non-Alcoholic Party Beverages

We believe wine should be a staple at any BBQ or party. But, drink options should not stop there. It is important to offer some tasty non-alcoholic party beverages as well. This will help keep your party both fun and safe. We asked our friends from ManMadeDIY to come up with some delcious beverage options and they did just that! 

Non-Alcoholic Party Beverages

Serve Plenty of Water and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

4 Simple, Classic DIY Gift Wrap Techniques Any Guy Can Use

This holiday season we are sharing some great DIY gift wrap ideas. Wrapping a gift isn’t hard, unless you over-complicate things. We say keep things simple and straightforward: avoid accessories, too many ribbon colors, and anything involving glitter or the word “raffia.” We advocate a simple package, wrapped cleanly and correctly, with a little DIY customization to show you care. 

BBQ Menu and Recipe Planning: Tips & Tricks

It is always a great idea to throw a BBQ for all of your freidns and family memebers. But, all of the work that goes into hosting a social gathering can get overwhelming. Let us help rid you of all the party planning stress. Our tips and tricks will help you with your BBQ menu and recipe planning. 

BBQ Menu and Recipe Planning: Tips & Tricks


Cooking for a Crowd 

A cookout is not a dinner party. No courses, no place-cards, no roast-carving. And that, friends, is a good thing.