Goode Times

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Korean Beef Skewers

The sweet, savory and smoky flavors of these Korean beef skewers are perfect to throw on the grill for an end-of-season barbecue. 

When Labor Day weekend rolls around it usually marks the end of summer, but here in California it just marks another great excuse to have some family & friends over for a barbecue. Our summers feel like they don’t end for another month or two and we love any reason to keep throwing our favorite recipes onto the grill. 

Two-Hand Touch Vineyard Ball

Autumn will be arriving before we know it and with it will bring football season. When half-time commences take a break from spectating on the couch and get outside for your own game. Let that crisp fall air into your lungs and get ready for a friendly game of two-hand touch vineyard ball with your buddies. Anyone can play and no vineyard is necessary. Just bring a winning attitude, your best buds, and one pigskin.

Reverse Sear Porterhouse Steak with Herb Roasted Potatoes, Broccolini, and Romanesco

Hey guys! It’s Gab from Artful Desperado. I’m back on the blog to share with you a mega-hearty post for Valentine’s Day. You know what they say, love starts from the stomach, and indeed we all know that’s very true.

For this post we’re going to make a Reverse Sear Porterhouse Steak with Herb Roasted Potatoes, Broccolini, and Romanesco.. Say that 3 times with a mouth full of wine (don’t try it).

Tri-Tip Sliders

This Tri-Tip Slider recipe is a breeze for the cook and a fan favorite! You should make it a go-to for your next BBQ or party.

Tri-Tip Sliders

BBQ Tri-Tip Sliders


  • Tri-Tip Beef
  • Coleslaw
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet Buns


Viking “Raid” on the River: Rowing for Conservation!

Once again, Murphy-Goode took to the shores of the Russian River in single and double kayaks - sponsoring the Great Russian River Race: Drought Edition on a beautiful and sunny May 3rd. This year marked a special event in that there was a focus on water conservation. As we enter into the third consecutive year of an ongoing and tremendous drought, water issues are becoming more prevalent throughout California.