Goode Times

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A Thanksgiving Plywood Table

Calling it ‘plywood’ sounds better, but actually we used MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), because it's cheaper and smoother. In any case, if you don't have a dining table big enough to comfortably seat a lot of your friends, plus fit a ton of tasty food on top, then don't worry, we have a solution. 

Just grab a sheet of MDF from the big-box hardware store, strap it to the top of your car, and bring it home. Fellas, this is where we put in a pitch for every guy to have a car-top rack. It's not just good for hauling bikes.

Sage Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

This classic take on a cranberry sauce is easy to make, and straight out of the essential Thanksgiving playbook. It’s a good foundation for learning to make other sauces down the road, and can be tweaked or improvised upon really easily. The sharp tartness of the berries combines with plenty of sweetness and citrus flavors, plus a dash of vanilla for smoothness.

Sage Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

Crockpot Carnitas Street Tacos

This delicious, tender crockpot carnitas street tacos recipe packs a ton of flavor and is incredibly easy to make. 

There is so much excitement from us entering into the month of October from it being the first real signs of fall weather, to the pumpkin patches and the start of "Crocktober!” Yes folks, crocktober is a real thing and you mine as well just jump on board because it’s not only going to make your life so much easier, but you’ll be eating some incredibly delicious foods as a result. 

Buttery Lobster Rolls

With the end of summer looming near, I couldn’t help but thinking about all that fresh seafood drizzled with fresh squeezed lemon juice that signifies the warmth of a day spent on the shores. When you think of a lobster roll, you’re likely transported to the east coast, high up in Connecticut and catching them right off the boat. They’re served alongside the road in a no-frills seaside shack and all is right in the world.