A Really Goode Job


A Really Goode Job - Man with Wine Glass

A Really Goode Job

Congratulations to
our 2 Newest Employees!

After carefully reviewing 7,000+ videos and interviewing 17 incredible Finalists, Lindsay Perry in Austin, TX, and Veronica Hebbard in Orlando, FL have been selected as the newest employees of Murphy-Goode and are the winners of A Really Goode Job!

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Murphy Goode Selects Veronica Hebbard and Lindsay Perry for 'A Really Goode Job'

Look Who Landed 'A Really Goode Job"

Lindsay Perry is a Yardley, Pennsylvania native, but currently lives in Austin, Texas, working in sports marketing. Lindsay received scholarships to complete her WSET Level I & II through Wine Unify and the Roots Fund in 2020 and 2021 respectively, and she is looking to add her diverse voice to the ever-changing climate of the wine world. “Working for Murphy-Goode Winery will present a unique challenge and represent a big pivot in my life. I’ll be jumping into the wine industry in the best way possible. Having the opportunity to shadow Dave, learn to make wine and grow professionally through this year of exploration, will change the trajectory of my life,” Perry said. View Lindsay’s application video here.

Veronica Hebbard, originally from Montgomery, New York, will be making her way to Sonoma by way of Orlando, Florida. She currently works as an engineer in the themed entertainment industry. As an engineer by trade, Veronica is most excited about being immersed in the science of winemaking and exploring sustainability and innovation initiatives. “When the opportunity presented itself, I thought it was the most interesting way to make wine approachable for people who weren’t already in the industry. Joining Murphy-Goode will provide me the opportunity to navigate and harness this energy and passion and steer it into where my role might be in the wine industry,” Hebbard said. View Veronica’s application video here.


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